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Model:HQHS-180~360 Tunnel-type drying oven (Huiyan Series)
1.It adopts the working principle of pine-type drying oven, designed in accordance with knitted cloth,high elesticity and high shrinkage.
2. The machine adopts infrared rays to improve the thermal efficiency.It has a good piercing and drying ability for dyestuff,sponge,offset printing,printing ink and special printing etc .
3 .Two temperature controling types are set in the machine automatic control and hand control.the temperature can be regulated and set at heat preservation and auto constant temperature.
4.It has the abilities of auto alarming a breakdown,auto rectifying a deviation,keeping the belt moving smoothly and preventing exceeding the bounds safety etc。
5.The belt's velocity can be adjustable within 0-28 m/min.
Product use:
The machine is used to dry various printed cloth,such as gilded cloth,knitted cloth and etc.

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