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Product Model: MU131D-200~360 Plug Mounting Unit (with many patents Huiyan Series)
Characteristics of Product: 1. This machine is of frame structure, consisting of frame,g|ide track, driving, mounting unit heating, screen cylinder rotatin8 systems. it adopts the exciusive g|iae track of digital controlling machine tools exported. The frame structure is eiegant and strong.
2. The function of automatic piug; pushing ana locating, which is designed to meet the technological reaUirements of screen making (accuracy of pattern matching and length of screen making are less than 0.1 mm), ensures the accuracy of the plu8 pushing and locating.
3. This machine for the first time chooses the cross tracing and supervising and controlling. The accuracy of the cross can be adjusted and ensured manually (accurate as less than 0.5-1 line).
4. Unlike the traditional heat conciucting, this machine adopts the bulb infrared heating, which provides high temperature that can light the cigarette
5. This machine makes one or more screen with high conformity in accuracy.
6. In the course of production, in addition to the reduction of movement of the Printing machine in auto-tracking pattern matching system, the use of this machine may remarkably reduce the troubles and increase trie speea of screen changing, thus improving theproduction. Besides, it can cut down the waste of the introducing cloth aue to the change of patterns (calculated according to the fact that 20 meters of cloth is to be chan~ged eacrn time, great amount of cloth wiii be saved in a year).
7. Having adopted lots of items of aavanced international techn0108Y and obtained many patents, the overall technology of this machine is at advanced international evei.

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