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Product Model:MUD116-200~360 Rubber-coating Machine (with many patents Huiyan Series)
Characteristics of Product:
1. The frame is composed of the exclusive glide track of digital controlling machine tools and exclusive ball bearing screw.
2. A servomotor and a speed-reducer are used in the driving system.
3. The servo-system, frequency conversion and computer program control are used in the controlling system.
4. Having adopted lots of items of advanced international technology and obtained many patents, the overall technology of this machine is at advanced international level.
Use of the Product:
1. In addition to traditional rubber coating function, this machine is equipped with such functions as quick coating, rotating coating and section coating, which traditional machines do not have.
2. In order to quick-coat in the special design of laser screen making, the machine makes extremely tin coat and with laser makes holes evenly with great speed.
3. Rotating coating function: This function is designed in view of the uneven thickness of the coat made by traditional machines.
4. Section coating function:This function is designed in order to make up the shortcoming of color differences occurred in the course of printing by blade printing machines especially the Model 260 and above, due to the different pressure applied to the two ends and to the middle. This function is applied through changing the thickness of the coat at both ends to change the rubber content of the screen holes so as to obtain the conformity of the content of printing material through the screen, thus changing the difference in color.

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